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Hey there, name's Zeke, just a part-time artist if you wanna call it that
For reference since I wanna start fresh here I will only post new art I made since fleshing out this account, if you wanna check my older stuff go to my Twitter or FA to see them

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I have to apologize for the lack of any uploads whatsoever around any of the sites I usually lurk around, but I've felt completely unwilling to sit down and draw anything for more than just a few minutes a day, I partially blame the current situation I'm living in real life, would prefer to not go into detail about it, but it's been stressing me out to no end. It's overdue but I'm releasing the two things I uploaded on patreon so far, which I really haven't done so earlier in the hopes I ended up drawing more to justify having stuff that would encourage people to support me there, keeping it hostage any longer is fruitless at this point
In any case, I will try to get back on schedule to draw regularly again, apologies again for the lack of any updates and keeping my stuff hostage for so long

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So maybe I should be posting that I am taking commissions currently in all fronts, but just for the sake of brevity I'm gonna copy and paste the rules for it from my FA page while at the same time linking the prices from there, that not illegal is it?

here are the prices for the different kinds of drawings I'd make

•Anything pretty much goes, with the exception for NSFW

•I have the right to refuse to accept working on a commission whether if I feel like it’s out of my comfort zone or any other reason

•I will need visual references for any character I’m asked to draw, anything would help but the more detailed the better

•I will do work in other artstyles if asked, such as lineless or papercut styles, but the price for them will vary on complexity

•Payment first, and as soon as the initial sketch is approved there will be no refunds (changes may depend on how big or small they may be)

•Paypal address will be given only after being contacted and an arrangement has been made, I will give out other contact means if asked if you’d prefer to keep contact through them

If there ain't any problem with either of them, feel free to hit me up with a DM so we could make an arrangement if you're interested